Week 3. Suddenly 30

Its a strange feeling being in your 30’s. Your not old but your not young anymore either? Everything cool from your 20’s is a throwback, mum jeans are in fashion! it’s a crazy world lol I’ve been told a few times the 30’s are the best years, when you find yourself. I can’t argue with that.

Speaking of 3’s… Masterkey chapter 3. Eyes widen. I’m listening wow. My favorite line is ‘The enemy that must ABSOLUTELY be destroyed is fear’. Suddenly I’m the superhero kicking fear in the butt! Awesome. ‘Let your light shine’ I’ve heard this phrase many times. These phrases I’ve been hearing suddenly have meaning and understanding making them so much more relatable. 🌞

There’s so much positive info to ponder and practice. I don’t waste energy worrying about how rude the sales lady in the city was last week. I’m still thinking and analyzing but the content is constructive and it feels fantastic. I still feel like I’m finding my feet and adjusting to the dramatic changes to my routine. My desire is strong and I’m figuring it out step by step. There’s always a way and every time I figure out a solution that works best for me it’s a massive win. My favorite phrase is ‘dig in’ and after a few doubts and moments of self pity… that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Week 2. Revolution

:A sudden, radical or complete change

:A dramatic and wide- reaching change in conditions, attitudes or operations

:A forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favor of a new system

However you would like to word it… I am definitely ready for a revolution. I have been ready for as long as I can remember. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t want to change or improve for the better. How we become prisoners to our own thoughts, feelings and habits is clearer now and more simple than I could have even imagined.

As I sat in bed last night preparing myself for my new routine of reading and meditation. “Today I begin a new life. Today I shed my old skin which hath too long suffered the bruises of mediocrity”. I think to myself, surely no one else is reading this 3 times a day? I must be the only silly bugger rereading this morning noon and night? Who else would read this 3 times a day for an entire month?

Than bam I hear Marks voice remining me to recognize my old blue print. My old blue print didn’t have much hope or faith and you certainly don’t achieve much when you genuinely wonder what’s the point? There’s plenty of point! Small actions lead to big changes! Life is too magnificent with amazing people everywhere just waiting for me to open my eyes and give a damn.

I don’t know the exact moment or phrase that embedded my enthusiasm for a new way, but I couldn’t be more grateful and excited to have found it. I’ve ripped myself off in so many ways growing up and Ill be damned if I don’t give Masterkey all I’ve got. I have the faith. I have the willpower. With a bit of self evaluation I can crack the code to my true destiny.

I just need a little persistence.

Week 1. Page 1. Chapter 1. 1st scroll. The beginning…

So here I am. My journey begins. I have found myself wanting more. Knowing I can do better but not knowing how or if I have the right tools. I am looking for guidance, inspiration, hope. What better way to learn and grow than by interaction.

Topics covered throughout this blog I predict will revolve around The Masterkey Experience. What I have learnt about myself, the universe and others. Challenges that may arise both internally and externally and how I will manage and address them.

My journey has only just begun. Already the ideas and perspectives put before me have been an awaking. I pledge to be willing, openminded and honest. The courage and sharing of others has inspired me greatly. I wholeheartedly could not be more grateful that I am able to endeavor on this challenge and uncover all that this experience has to share with me.

What bigger privilege than to do the same for others. Processing, evaluating and sharing my thoughts openly will encourage me to practice better communication. Communication and connecting with others has always been a great challenge in my life. If I can face and overcome this obstacle… What an amazing possibility.

Week 2. Who is The Greatest Salesman? What is The Masterkey?

What an influx of new ideas, perspectives and information and this journey has only just begun. At times feelings of worry and panic grip me- already the books I am reading and the ideas that have been put before me are being put to the test. I am the queen of bad habits and getting distracted. I know I have more to give and I am worth 100% commitment to my future self no regrets. I couldn’t be more excited and committed to this course it takes priority as I am my first and foremost priority.

I think about the lucky circumstances or coincidences that brought me to this moment. Are they lucky or a reflection of my intention to grow and discover more? Learning about this pathway, perspective and what else is awaiting for me should I seek and take hold of it. Apart from my full time employment, small group of friends and family I don’t engage with others regularly so I welcome the support and communication this course offers and I am challenging myself daily.

I wonder how these changes will influence me but what I’m really excited about is for the possibility of my personal growth to influence the people in my life and others.