Week 9. Thanksgiving

So, I spent last weekend with no television. I didn’t find it all that challenging actually. I’m not a huge fan of watching TV anyhow and only use it as a tool to help me unwind. This usually (always) leads to procrastination. So eliminating television entirely was a huge win for me, I was shocked at how productive I was in comparison. After only one week of abstaining from TV, I have already noticed the shift my mind has made. Now I am not entertaining my subconscious with advertisements, sitcoms and current affairs. I like to keep updated with the news. I have come to realize that with use of the internet I can still do this, in a more time saving, direct way.

I am the watchman at the gate. I am in control of my mind and my thoughts. I love this! With the extra time I acquired over the weekend, I completed my song and studied the law of compensation. Making the most of a bad situation is when the magic really happens. Determination and satisfaction are amplified. I forgot to mention we were in a statewide lockdown. It was a fantastic time to turn of the telly. I live alone too! OMG This is a gift and I chose to take full advantage.

We were put to the challenge a week or so prior to choose a song to record our readings and affirmations over. I thought long and hard about this because I knew I would be listening to it A LOT. I made 2 versions of my song because I decided that I needed to add more enthusiasm. I am so glad I did! I love listening to version 2. I am so proud of myself. I threw caution to the wind, left the windows open and gave it all I had. I cant wait to make more its actually fun. I love listening to the content I have chosen in this way. Although the material is very much the same, mixing up the delivery is exercising my mind. I can feel it. The thoughts, feelings and experience I am having are constantly changing. Its great. I am enthusiastic with the different challenges my memory and subconscious are exposed to.

Today America celebrates Thanksgiving. Although Australia doesn’t celebrate this holiday, it gives me the opportunity to reflect on my own personal thanksgiving. Gratefulness is a quality I strive to nurture and grow. My plan of action this week is to think of ways I can incorporate more gratefulness into my day. Evaluating my environment and setting reminders. I am whole, I am perfect, I am grateful, I am strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy. When I determine myself to be grateful about every situation, everything I see, feel, smell and touch my mental attitude takes a positive turn and paths the way in helping me achieve my goal of accomplishing the 7day mental diet.


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Well, what can I say? At this moment, the feeling’s good, still, faith evident, careful to balance inside, just remembered to focus on breathing again. Work’s done continuously, intent there as a permanent fixture, so that’s good, isn’t it?

Last week was a bit challenging in terms of time and family and so, for the first time, I didn’t do some readings and didn’t attend Sunday’s webinar, and watched the replay. In retrospect, it was a good lesson, I don’t want to do that again, doing me first is important, more important than compromising me and pleasing others. I saw again, no one loses out when you do you, in fact everybody gains.

So! there’s evidence of one of my goals materialising, with no prompting from me, I’m still drinking it in, I don’t think I even see the magnitude of it, so used to having to put in so…

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Week 8. Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breaker an automatic device for stopping the flow of current in an electric circuit as a safety measure

It is almost impossible to exist in todays life at this time, without acknowledging the existence of the pandemic that has swept the globe. I don’t feel as though Adelaide has felt the effects of Covid 19 as severe as others. My life has not been affected greatly by the current situation we all face and I am very thankful for that. Active Covid cases have been reported in Adelaide this week. Subsequently causing swift action by the S.A Government to put in place a 6 day lockdown. They called this period The ‘Circuit Breaker’ response. The events of this week have got me thinking about the role and function of the circuit breaker. Evaluating how this term applies not only to Adelaide’s Covid response but also to my Master Key Experience and the exercises I am carrying out daily.

I am mindful everyday of the 7 day mental diet and although I don’t believe I have achieved this yet, I do feel it is achievable. This weeks webinar involved guest speaker Jason who spoke to us about the impact of making small improvements. I really valued his advice. After stumbling along difficulties last week, I focused on making small improvements this week and I have regained my confidence. I am consciously making small improvements and more importantly I am celebrating them and holding a positive acknowledgement. Along with staying faithful to my daily reads and exercises I have taken a circuit breaker response to negative thinking.

Week 7. Golden

I have found the 7 laws of the mind to be of great value and importance this week. This week we have learnt about the 7 day mental diet and have been challenged to apply the discipline necessary. What is the mental diet? Absolutely no dwelling or entertaining negative thoughts for an entire 7days. This skill can be achieved however I am yet to say I have accomplished this. I do feel I have made enormous progress in my awareness and thinking process. I feel confident about the positivity I entertain and the direction of my mental application. Discipline however is an improvement I am striving for and my focus this week will be make to make better, ameliorate, upgrade, refine, enhance, boost, build on, help, raise, revamp, brush up, polish up, perk up, tweak.

Week 6. Scattered Consciousness

This week we began our first read of the essay on compensation from R. W Emerson. Our task is to read this essay a few times over for 3 weeks. I will need a bit of time to re-read and completely grasp the content so I am glad we have a few weeks to study. I am taking notes which has helped me interpret and understand the essay. It says that if we abuse our abilities there will ultimately be a penalty. This is a law of nature that is different from the justice carried out by humans. I find statements like this to be inspiring and they offer hope for all that is good. I am not religious but I do believe in the universe. How can I not? I’m living in one and science has taught us all so much. An essay written in this way gives me faith in the universe. If the universe can produce and awe us everyday with its wonder I want to believe in its power and magic. I feel as though if I can start to have more faith and trust in the universe it will shine through me. Why? Because of the positive feeling this thought brings. HOPE!

This week I have been absolutely focused on 2 things. 1.Observing and directing my thoughts. 2. Giving without the expectation without reciprocity. I have come to realize that my feeling of injustice may come about because I am not focused entirely on giving. I have faith, If I can focus on the other person entirely and not myself good will come of it. I am no longer trying to control every situation, over thinking, stressing. My ego is no longer of any importance and I feel so much more relaxed for it. The universe needs me to be of service to others always and in turn the universe will take care of me. I believe this 100% I am committed to building new behavior and thought patterns to strengthen and support this belief.

I began the Master Key Experience on a high. After settling in, my old blue print struggled for power. Fear, stress and anxiety were challenging every new step I took making me feel emotionally and physically exhausted. Reading and re-reading the material in the exercises and keeping faithful to my routine is insuring that I will over come my old blue print, I am growing. What is needed to make the best use of the Master Key? Focus!

Week 5. Would you like my opinion?

An opinion is a belief or judgement that falls short of absolute conviction, certainty, or positive knowledge. I never thought much about opinions in depth, to me they were just our thoughts. As I never thought I had control over my thinking, my opinions followed suit and I know that I have been on this hamster wheel of uncontrollable thoughts and opinions for a long time. Its not fun and to be honest- exhausting!

Practicing having no opinions this week has been an absolute breath of fresh air. I cant believe how much more relaxed I feel after only practicing it for a few days. I have not mastered the technique yet. It will take me a little while of careful observation which I am thoroughly enjoying. Am I that ego minded that I need to assert my objective to whoever I can find? Is it even necessary? What does it help or change? I have always asserted my opinion with the honest belief that constuctive views are positive. But are the always? Are there other ways to be helpful? I think so.

It is not as simple as, just not having an opinion. You must replace it with another skill. ‘Listening’ how fantastic is that. I am not always the best listener but since being involved with MKE I believe I have focused and improved on my listening skills greatly. There is so much more to a conversation than just listening, you are engaging. Taking note of their expressions, tone and body language. This tells as much of the story as their words do and sometimes even more.

Weeks 1 and 2 – Baptism by Fire!

Way to go Amber! You got this 🙂

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According to Amber


There I was going about my business like any normal day, when I see the email…

It’s from someone who’s recently shown up as the embodiment of the old adage, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

There’s a kind of surrender in that awareness. Especially considering how long I’ve been on the path and how much external seeking efforts I’ve made…

I’ve made Olympic level efforts worth of a pile of gold medals by now and yet they are worthless trinkets in the game of life; for effort is a fool’s mechanism and I have been a fool a hundred times over…

Yet, experience has not failed to impart wisdom enough for me to recognize the opportunity that has presented here.

Back to the email…

It says “mindset info.” Nothing more… So, I click.

Up pops this Mark J-something-or-other guy talking on a video about this thing called…

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Week 4. You are now in service

This week I have realized how our language plays such an important role in our mental attitude. We have attached certain feelings to words so using them wisely is essential. Being of service to myself, commitments, health, community, the environment. It feels good to be of service and when applying this word instead of chore I no longer feel the same resistance. How fantastic! I have enjoyed practicing the law of giving so much. I already love giving and receiving. Practicing this everyday has made me more mindful about giving and to look for opportunities always and everywhere.

We are not what we think or do, We are our spirit, is my understanding of the eye. Our authentic self. What we think and do is an action and reaction. It isn’t who we are. Our spiritual eye is who we are. If we are quiet and still it guides us. Understanding this has shown me the way to power within that I never before believed possible. I always believed that we are a manifestation of our environment, feeling almost trapped in my past and circumstances. I am in the drivers set and always will be. I just got to take the wheel.

My challenge this week is to eliminate negative emotions. How? When the negative emotions arise I acknowledge the emotion, classify it of no value and limiting then let go of it. I have found this difficult because I am still recognizing my old blueprint. I then focus on a constructive resolution and perspective. I have been in particular wary to the feeling of injustice. I have noticed since practicing this exercise, I have a tendency to harbor this emotion. When I feel this emotion arise I think cop the losses, look for gratitude and find compassion. It is helping but like all good things practice makes perfect presentations.

Week 3. Suddenly 30

Its a strange feeling being in your 30’s. Your not old but your not young anymore either? Everything cool from your 20’s is a throwback, mum jeans are in fashion! it’s a crazy world lol I’ve been told a few times the 30’s are the best years, when you find yourself. I can’t argue with that.

Speaking of 3’s… Masterkey chapter 3. Eyes widen. I’m listening wow. My favorite line is ‘The enemy that must ABSOLUTELY be destroyed is fear’. Suddenly I’m the superhero kicking fear in the butt! Awesome. ‘Let your light shine’ I’ve heard this phrase many times. These phrases I’ve been hearing suddenly have meaning and understanding making them so much more relatable. 🌞

There’s so much positive info to ponder and practice. I don’t waste energy worrying about how rude the sales lady in the city was last week. I’m still thinking and analyzing but the content is constructive and it feels fantastic. I still feel like I’m finding my feet and adjusting to the dramatic changes to my routine. My desire is strong and I’m figuring it out step by step. There’s always a way and every time I figure out a solution that works best for me it’s a massive win. My favorite phrase is ‘dig in’ and after a few doubts and moments of self pity… that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Week 2. Revolution

:A sudden, radical or complete change

:A dramatic and wide- reaching change in conditions, attitudes or operations

:A forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favor of a new system

However you would like to word it… I am definitely ready for a revolution. I have been ready for as long as I can remember. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t want to change or improve for the better. How we become prisoners to our own thoughts, feelings and habits is clearer now and more simple than I could have even imagined.

As I sat in bed last night preparing myself for my new routine of reading and meditation. “Today I begin a new life. Today I shed my old skin which hath too long suffered the bruises of mediocrity”. I think to myself, surely no one else is reading this 3 times a day? I must be the only silly bugger rereading this morning noon and night? Who else would read this 3 times a day for an entire month?

Than bam I hear Marks voice remining me to recognize my old blue print. My old blue print didn’t have much hope or faith and you certainly don’t achieve much when you genuinely wonder what’s the point? There’s plenty of point! Small actions lead to big changes! Life is too magnificent with amazing people everywhere just waiting for me to open my eyes and give a damn.

I don’t know the exact moment or phrase that embedded my enthusiasm for a new way, but I couldn’t be more grateful and excited to have found it. I’ve ripped myself off in so many ways growing up and Ill be damned if I don’t give Masterkey all I’ve got. I have the faith. I have the willpower. With a bit of self evaluation I can crack the code to my true destiny.

I just need a little persistence.