Week 2. Who is The Greatest Salesman? What is The Masterkey?

What an influx of new ideas, perspectives and information and this journey has only just begun. At times feelings of worry and panic grip me- already the books I am reading and the ideas that have been put before me are being put to the test. I am the queen of bad habits and getting distracted. I know I have more to give and I am worth 100% commitment to my future self no regrets. I couldn’t be more excited and committed to this course it takes priority as I am my first and foremost priority.

I think about the lucky circumstances or coincidences that brought me to this moment. Are they lucky or a reflection of my intention to grow and discover more? Learning about this pathway, perspective and what else is awaiting for me should I seek and take hold of it. Apart from my full time employment, small group of friends and family I don’t engage with others regularly so I welcome the support and communication this course offers and I am challenging myself daily.

I wonder how these changes will influence me but what I’m really excited about is for the possibility of my personal growth to influence the people in my life and others.


  1. Angelica, what great blogs. I am excited with you about what you will be revealed to you and the discoveries you will be blogging about! I am looking forward to reading more!!! Here’s to your very best self!!! Louise

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  2. Hi Angelica, you are currently in the perfect space of “wonder”. When you are in wonder, you will discover your life possibility & dreams! Keep being the amazing awesome human being!

    You will the be Greatest Salesman in the World! Keep on smiling! 🙂

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  3. Already impressed by this blog you have written as a sample, Angelica, magnified the sincerity of your resolve, to lead by example! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  4. Hi Angelica, great blog. I can see already that you are a great observer of yourself. You’re off to races. I look forward to reading your upcoming blogs. You’re already a winner!

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