Week 1. Page 1. Chapter 1. 1st scroll. The beginning…

So here I am. My journey begins. I have found myself wanting more. Knowing I can do better but not knowing how or if I have the right tools. I am looking for guidance, inspiration, hope. What better way to learn and grow than by interaction.

Topics covered throughout this blog I predict will revolve around The Masterkey Experience. What I have learnt about myself, the universe and others. Challenges that may arise both internally and externally and how I will manage and address them.

My journey has only just begun. Already the ideas and perspectives put before me have been an awaking. I pledge to be willing, openminded and honest. The courage and sharing of others has inspired me greatly. I wholeheartedly could not be more grateful that I am able to endeavor on this challenge and uncover all that this experience has to share with me.

What bigger privilege than to do the same for others. Processing, evaluating and sharing my thoughts openly will encourage me to practice better communication. Communication and connecting with others has always been a great challenge in my life. If I can face and overcome this obstacle… What an amazing possibility.



  1. Andy says:

    Welcome to the Master key Experience!

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    1. crunchman30 says:

      Welcome to this fantastic journey. I forward to following your blogs

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  2. Loren Taylor says:

    Aloha Angelica! Your new blog rover friend, Loren, here. What a joy it is to have you joining us in the great awakening sweeping the world. Looking forward to reading more of what you have to say as your angelic wings are unfurled! 🙂

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