Week 4. You are now in service

This week I have realized how our language plays such an important role in our mental attitude. We have attached certain feelings to words so using them wisely is essential. Being of service to myself, commitments, health, community, the environment. It feels good to be of service and when applying this word instead of chore I no longer feel the same resistance. How fantastic! I have enjoyed practicing the law of giving so much. I already love giving and receiving. Practicing this everyday has made me more mindful about giving and to look for opportunities always and everywhere.

We are not what we think or do, We are our spirit, is my understanding of the eye. Our authentic self. What we think and do is an action and reaction. It isn’t who we are. Our spiritual eye is who we are. If we are quiet and still it guides us. Understanding this has shown me the way to power within that I never before believed possible. I always believed that we are a manifestation of our environment, feeling almost trapped in my past and circumstances. I am in the drivers set and always will be. I just got to take the wheel.

My challenge this week is to eliminate negative emotions. How? When the negative emotions arise I acknowledge the emotion, classify it of no value and limiting then let go of it. I have found this difficult because I am still recognizing my old blueprint. I then focus on a constructive resolution and perspective. I have been in particular wary to the feeling of injustice. I have noticed since practicing this exercise, I have a tendency to harbor this emotion. When I feel this emotion arise I think cop the losses, look for gratitude and find compassion. It is helping but like all good things practice makes perfect presentations.



  1. Louise Kohl says:

    Fantastic self-observation and substituting the positive emotion for the negative. You have so got this!!!

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  2. Loren Taylor says:

    You are beginning to blossom, Angelica! Keep up the great work! 🙂


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