Week 5. Would you like my opinion?

An opinion is a belief or judgement that falls short of absolute conviction, certainty, or positive knowledge. I never thought much about opinions in depth, to me they were just our thoughts. As I never thought I had control over my thinking, my opinions followed suit and I know that I have been on this hamster wheel of uncontrollable thoughts and opinions for a long time. Its not fun and to be honest- exhausting!

Practicing having no opinions this week has been an absolute breath of fresh air. I cant believe how much more relaxed I feel after only practicing it for a few days. I have not mastered the technique yet. It will take me a little while of careful observation which I am thoroughly enjoying. Am I that ego minded that I need to assert my objective to whoever I can find? Is it even necessary? What does it help or change? I have always asserted my opinion with the honest belief that constuctive views are positive. But are the always? Are there other ways to be helpful? I think so.

It is not as simple as, just not having an opinion. You must replace it with another skill. ‘Listening’ how fantastic is that. I am not always the best listener but since being involved with MKE I believe I have focused and improved on my listening skills greatly. There is so much more to a conversation than just listening, you are engaging. Taking note of their expressions, tone and body language. This tells as much of the story as their words do and sometimes even more.



  1. Ched Lee says:

    As human being, we like to give opinion. Let’s us work on having a better listening.

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  2. Louise Kohl says:

    I completely relate to being more relaxed. My self-observation is the relaxation is the result of listening with intention vs mentally forming a comment/answer while the other person is talking – that is just rude and is my old blueprint from which I am happy to detach. Thank you so much for sharing your observations!

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  3. crunchman30 says:

    Great Blog Angelica. Your awareness is growing in size and stature😊

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  4. Bibi Lindahl says:

    I’m delighted to hear that your practising of having no opinions has been like a breath of fresh air for you! It can be challenging, but practice makes perfect. Glad that you have improved your listening skills as well. Conversations are more than the just words we hear, that’s s true! Keep up the good work! ♥

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  5. Loren Taylor says:

    Yes, Angelica, listening is a skill we can all use a little more of… And I am one of them! Great insight and great blog! Thanks for staying on top of it! 🙂

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  6. Yes Angelica! I love you blog and the listening part. Since January of this year, I wanted to make sure that I listen more attentively to everyone around me and it has been fun. I’m loving learning more about people and how they truly feel. Thanks for this blog. I love it!

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