Week 6. Scattered Consciousness

This week we began our first read of the essay on compensation from R. W Emerson. Our task is to read this essay a few times over for 3 weeks. I will need a bit of time to re-read and completely grasp the content so I am glad we have a few weeks to study. I am taking notes which has helped me interpret and understand the essay. It says that if we abuse our abilities there will ultimately be a penalty. This is a law of nature that is different from the justice carried out by humans. I find statements like this to be inspiring and they offer hope for all that is good. I am not religious but I do believe in the universe. How can I not? I’m living in one and science has taught us all so much. An essay written in this way gives me faith in the universe. If the universe can produce and awe us everyday with its wonder I want to believe in its power and magic. I feel as though if I can start to have more faith and trust in the universe it will shine through me. Why? Because of the positive feeling this thought brings. HOPE!

This week I have been absolutely focused on 2 things. 1.Observing and directing my thoughts. 2. Giving without the expectation without reciprocity. I have come to realize that my feeling of injustice may come about because I am not focused entirely on giving. I have faith, If I can focus on the other person entirely and not myself good will come of it. I am no longer trying to control every situation, over thinking, stressing. My ego is no longer of any importance and I feel so much more relaxed for it. The universe needs me to be of service to others always and in turn the universe will take care of me. I believe this 100% I am committed to building new behavior and thought patterns to strengthen and support this belief.

I began the Master Key Experience on a high. After settling in, my old blue print struggled for power. Fear, stress and anxiety were challenging every new step I took making me feel emotionally and physically exhausted. Reading and re-reading the material in the exercises and keeping faithful to my routine is insuring that I will over come my old blue print, I am growing. What is needed to make the best use of the Master Key? Focus!



  1. Darren Davis says:

    Love your determination, focus and strength Angelica

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    1. jojo0522 says:

      Keep up the fantastic work Angelica!!

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  2. crunchman30 says:

    I thought that your blog was very inspiring 😀

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    1. crunchman30 says:

      Up and onward Angelica🤤

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  3. Loren Taylor says:

    Yes, Angelica, keeping me go and check as an ongoing process for me. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

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  4. Ched Lee says:

    You are definitely expanding & becoming self-aware! Good stuff!

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  5. Louise Kohl says:

    Will absolutely transform from the old blueprint – your bluebird earrings remind you of that! You got this! We are all on the journey with you. We support each other!!! Thanks for being transparent!

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  6. Chris Kenny says:

    Well written Angela… the determined attitude to change will carry you far. Keep up the challenge!

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  7. Leanne says:

    Love your blog post. Thank you for sharing your experience and what you are learning and applying.

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  8. Thank you Angelica!! Wow!! You have given me a new view of Emerson’s Law of Compensation – I love this essay, I am beyond words to express how cool and simple your take on ego and the universe and completely giving your attention to others – so cool! Keep shining this journey looks great on you 🙂

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