Week 7. Golden

I have found the 7 laws of the mind to be of great value and importance this week. This week we have learnt about the 7 day mental diet and have been challenged to apply the discipline necessary. What is the mental diet? Absolutely no dwelling or entertaining negative thoughts for an entire 7days. This skill can be achieved however I am yet to say I have accomplished this. I do feel I have made enormous progress in my awareness and thinking process. I feel confident about the positivity I entertain and the direction of my mental application. Discipline however is an improvement I am striving for and my focus this week will be make to make better, ameliorate, upgrade, refine, enhance, boost, build on, help, raise, revamp, brush up, polish up, perk up, tweak.



  1. Louise Kohl says:

    Love your focus! Being aware of your thoughts, applying the Law of Substitution, and observing yourself, shows great success. Congratulations!

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  2. Noel says:


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  3. Loren Taylor says:

    Hi Angelica! Regarding negativity and the Mental Diet, let us not forget; i.e., let us remember Bob Newhart’s well-known skit and the two words, “STOP IT!” LOL 🙂

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