Week 8. Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breaker an automatic device for stopping the flow of current in an electric circuit as a safety measure

It is almost impossible to exist in todays life at this time, without acknowledging the existence of the pandemic that has swept the globe. I don’t feel as though Adelaide has felt the effects of Covid 19 as severe as others. My life has not been affected greatly by the current situation we all face and I am very thankful for that. Active Covid cases have been reported in Adelaide this week. Subsequently causing swift action by the S.A Government to put in place a 6 day lockdown. They called this period The ‘Circuit Breaker’ response. The events of this week have got me thinking about the role and function of the circuit breaker. Evaluating how this term applies not only to Adelaide’s Covid response but also to my Master Key Experience and the exercises I am carrying out daily.

I am mindful everyday of the 7 day mental diet and although I don’t believe I have achieved this yet, I do feel it is achievable. This weeks webinar involved guest speaker Jason who spoke to us about the impact of making small improvements. I really valued his advice. After stumbling along difficulties last week, I focused on making small improvements this week and I have regained my confidence. I am consciously making small improvements and more importantly I am celebrating them and holding a positive acknowledgement. Along with staying faithful to my daily reads and exercises I have taken a circuit breaker response to negative thinking.



  1. Loren Taylor says:

    Yes, Angelica, circuit breaker = “STOP IT!” LOL 🙂

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  2. tbgb053b says:

    I love your analogy of the circuit breaker. The 7Day Mental Diet is acievable. I am working hard on mine. Keep up the great work!

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  3. Vijialuxmi says:

    That’s really lovely, to have been aware AND make adjustments, you’re doing great, taking control

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  4. crunchman30 says:

    Yeah, I loved your analogy of what the circuit breaker means to you 😀


  5. crunchman30 says:

    Great blog. I liked your description of what the meaning of the circuit breaker means to you. You’re becoming a great observer 😀


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