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Well, what can I say? At this moment, the feeling’s good, still, faith evident, careful to balance inside, just remembered to focus on breathing again. Work’s done continuously, intent there as a permanent fixture, so that’s good, isn’t it?

Last week was a bit challenging in terms of time and family and so, for the first time, I didn’t do some readings and didn’t attend Sunday’s webinar, and watched the replay. In retrospect, it was a good lesson, I don’t want to do that again, doing me first is important, more important than compromising me and pleasing others. I saw again, no one loses out when you do you, in fact everybody gains.

So! there’s evidence of one of my goals materialising, with no prompting from me, I’m still drinking it in, I don’t think I even see the magnitude of it, so used to having to put in so…

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