Week 9. Thanksgiving

So, I spent last weekend with no television. I didn’t find it all that challenging actually. I’m not a huge fan of watching TV anyhow and only use it as a tool to help me unwind. This usually (always) leads to procrastination. So eliminating television entirely was a huge win for me, I was shocked at how productive I was in comparison. After only one week of abstaining from TV, I have already noticed the shift my mind has made. Now I am not entertaining my subconscious with advertisements, sitcoms and current affairs. I like to keep updated with the news. I have come to realize that with use of the internet I can still do this, in a more time saving, direct way.

I am the watchman at the gate. I am in control of my mind and my thoughts. I love this! With the extra time I acquired over the weekend, I completed my song and studied the law of compensation. Making the most of a bad situation is when the magic really happens. Determination and satisfaction are amplified. I forgot to mention we were in a statewide lockdown. It was a fantastic time to turn of the telly. I live alone too! OMG This is a gift and I chose to take full advantage.

We were put to the challenge a week or so prior to choose a song to record our readings and affirmations over. I thought long and hard about this because I knew I would be listening to it A LOT. I made 2 versions of my song because I decided that I needed to add more enthusiasm. I am so glad I did! I love listening to version 2. I am so proud of myself. I threw caution to the wind, left the windows open and gave it all I had. I cant wait to make more its actually fun. I love listening to the content I have chosen in this way. Although the material is very much the same, mixing up the delivery is exercising my mind. I can feel it. The thoughts, feelings and experience I am having are constantly changing. Its great. I am enthusiastic with the different challenges my memory and subconscious are exposed to.

Today America celebrates Thanksgiving. Although Australia doesn’t celebrate this holiday, it gives me the opportunity to reflect on my own personal thanksgiving. Gratefulness is a quality I strive to nurture and grow. My plan of action this week is to think of ways I can incorporate more gratefulness into my day. Evaluating my environment and setting reminders. I am whole, I am perfect, I am grateful, I am strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy. When I determine myself to be grateful about every situation, everything I see, feel, smell and touch my mental attitude takes a positive turn and paths the way in helping me achieve my goal of accomplishing the 7day mental diet.



  1. Noel says:

    Way to go Angelica!!!

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  2. Angelica, you are a very vigilant watchman at your gate Good for you. From your blog rover friend.

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    1. johnjfrancetic says:

      Thank you.

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  3. I love this share!!

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  4. Louise Kohl says:

    Angelica, your blogs get better and better! You are a terrific watchman at the gate. As I read I hear your voice and see your beauty shining from within.. Thank you!

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    1. You make me smile Louise having you in my group is a gift I am so grateful❤

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  5. Darren Davis says:

    Great stuff Angelica.
    A few years ago, I didn’t know what I didn’t know.
    But now, I am so grateful to be more grateful – for Everything !

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    1. Indeed!🌞❤🌞

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  6. Loren Taylor says:

    “The 7 -Day Mental Diet,” Angelica. What a feast! 🙂

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  7. stristus says:

    I look forward that you enjoyed your own personal Thanksgiving. I love your commitment and determination. All the Best.

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  8. tbgb053b says:

    I love that you threw caution to the wind & made a second recording for yourself. It is a great feeling when you listen to it! I have a friend in Australia and he told me about the lockdown. That’s great that you used the time in such a productive way! That’s awesome!

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  9. crunchman30 says:

    I loved ♥ reading your post. I can see the growth within yourself that you’re experiencing. A very detailed description of what you’re experiencing 😀

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