Week 10. Untitled

Our life is our story.

Why did I stop writing my story because I felt nobody cared to listen? When did I stop writing for myself? Not writing for yourself truly is the greatest injustice.

I am my biggest admirer, I am my biggest supporter, I am my biggest fan. Therefor I owe it to myself to write the brightest most exciting story yet.

My number 1 responsibility is to write for myself.



  1. hiram808 says:

    Keep on writing your new story

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  2. tbgb053b says:

    Writing for yourself is the biggest compliment! Take care of your number 1 responsibility and you will be happy for it!

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  3. Noel says:

    Angelica, never stop writing for the most important person on the planet… YOU!

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  4. crunchman30 says:

    Keep journaling. In the end when you backtrack, you’ll be astonished at the growth you have achieved.

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  5. John Francetic says:

    Angelica, how true you are, WRITE FOR YOURSELF. From your blog rover friend John

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  6. Louise Kohl says:

    You are the most important! Becoming your most excellent self is a gift to ALL. Keep on giving!!!

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    1. You got it, I forgot who I am for my family , my community, my nation, one nation under G-d.
      Bewell my friend

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  7. Loren Taylor says:

    A poem by Poe rewritten for Angelica:
    “‘Gailey bedight, a gallant sprite, in sunshine and in shadow,
    had journeyed long, singing a song, in search of one to read her story.
    When her strength failed her at length, she met a pilgrim shadow,
    ‘Shadow,’ said she, ‘where can they be, someone to read my story?’
    ‘Write, boldly write,’ the shade is right, ‘if you seek someone to read your story.'” 🙂

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  8. Ben says :” You got me, You nailed it to the floor of the universe.” I never got to know my PaPa, He was 14 when he passed. Flowers from all over the world were sent. Q.” who was my PaPa”
    Angelica, thank you for grounding me with your wisdom.

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  9. i was 14 Papa was 56

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  10. crunchman30 says:

    So true Angelica. Keep the momentum rolling😀

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    1. So true, I said my autobiography is titled
      “Truth or Wopper”
      Thanks for the powerful response.


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