Week 11.

I am an encouraging learner. Its funny that without doing the exercise in the way we were shown I dont think I ever would have come to this conclusion. I know it is 100% accurate in my heart and its like I knew but I didnt know.

This week for me has been a fork in the road. Decision time. Do I surrender to the ideas that are put before me and truley have 100% faith or continue along the familiar path of dispair. The answer is easy and I absolutely have no idea why I am still toying with this contemplation. Note to self whilst writing this blog I have come to a realization that I was even doing this. They say old habits die hard and I know that this is an opportunity to not only talk the talk but actually walk the walk and give 100% faith not 99%


  1. Tremendous self observation! Some of our cement takes some time to fall off. Sometimes it is just our persistance (Og) that loosens the surrounding cement, causing a domino effect. Not being attached to the outcome keeps me present, thus, practicing more patience with myself.
    Well done, Angelica! Thank you for sharing!

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