Week 14. PMA 01.01.2021

You can do anything if you believe you can, whatever problem you are tackling you can solve it if you believe you can

Do more than you are paid for and soon you will be paid for more than you do

A person is worth most, who requires the least amount of supervision

Your only limitation is one that you set up in your own mind

The tone of your voice speaks louder than your words

A negative mind creates negative ideas

A man is no bigger than the circumstances he allows to worry him

A closed mind stumbles over the blessings in life without discovering them

Opportunity has the habit of getting in the way of a person with a positive mental attitude

Cooperation and friendship are the assets that can be had only by first giving them

No one can get to the top and remain there without taking others with him

Politeness begins at home or it doesn’t begin at all

Faith will bridge all rivers of doubt so one may pass over safely

I have been inspired not to take the idea of a positive mental attitude lightly. Over the holidays I watched a lecture about this topic and above I have shared a few quotes written by Napoleon Hill himself.

Over the Christmas holidays I have been blessed with the time off work to solely dedicate my mind to a positive mental attitude and I have to admit it is addictive. I have had my challenges with negative thinking since beginning the MKE course but knowing the ‘give more get more’ rule has encouraged me to stay focused and to persist everyday. The method of applying a positive mental attitude is outlined by Napoleon Hill as follows..

When failure over takes you start thinking of it as if it was a success. Start looking for the seed of equivalent benefit that comes with every failure.

When poverty threatens to catch up with you, start thinking of them as riches and start to visualize all the things you wish to do as actual riches.

When fear overtakes you just remember that fear is only faith in reverse gear. Start seeing yourself translating faith into whatever circumstance or things you desire.

When sorrow overtakes you start expressing yourself in terms of joy. Perhaps by singing or giving thanks for the power to convert sorrow into joy.

Act out these positive solutions and over time they will become real. You’re approach may be viewed as ridiculous, but it doesn’t matter what other people think. Its what you think that counts!

I hope you find encouragement in these words as I have and I wish you all positive new beginnings and a positive new year xo



  1. magnificent. Thank you

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  2. John Francetic says:

    Angelica, good for you for choosing to develop a positive attitude and then moving forward to develop your positive attitude. From your blog rover friend John.

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  3. dannyecastle says:

    love your blogs

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  4. Angelica, thank you for sharing the quotes from Napolean HIll and for your input. I love your transparency!

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  5. Your only limitation is one that you set up in your own mind! Isn’t that true!

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