week 15. Self- Control

Reading part 15 of The Master Key System this week has been noticeably more enjoyable. I remember when I was in week 1 or 2, I skipped through the book and read a few pages from the middle of the book and I could not make since of it at all. Not only do I understand every paragraph of part 15 now but I admire the way in which Haanel structures the sentences for our understanding.

‘We do not have to laboriously shovel darkness out; all that is necessary is to turn on the light’. A simple yet powerful sentence indeed. There is no need to fix, update, improve or make right negativity that has already existed in our lives. Positivity is the most effective and powerful solution I have also found it to be the easiest and most enjoyable way also.

This week we learned a new exercise inspired by Benjamin Franklin and boy am I impressed. We have been guided and nurtured for 15 weeks now and I am so grateful for the thought and care that has gone into shaping The Master Key Experience for our benefit. Each week we select a virtue we wish to strengthen and look for them in others including ourselves.

Self Control. The ability to control oneself, in particular one’s emotions and desires, especially in difficult situations. Restraint exercised over one’s own impulses, emotions or desires. People who lack self control often give in to impulsive behavior and emotions as well. I selected Self control as my first virtue and after googling the definition I am certain I made the correct choice.

Types of self control include Financial, motor, cognitive, emotional and perspective taking. Self control has 3 main parts. Monitoring involves keeping track of your thoughts feelings and actions. Standards are guidelines that steer us towards desirable responses. Strength refers to the energy we need to control our impulses. With this increased knowledge and awareness I am confident that I have the tools necessary to flourish towards more desirable outcomes.



  1. John Francetic says:

    Angelica, happy to see the growth you are making towards becoming your desired best self. From your blog rover friend John.

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  2. Vijialuxmi says:

    How wonderful to feel where you are at , dear one.

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  3. crunchman30 says:

    What an insightful blog you wrote! I will definitely keep reading this over and over as there are powerful points you described in your blog that are priceless 😀

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  4. I love how you noticed how when we persist with the reading of The Master Key each week, it has become easier to understand.

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  5. ‘We do not have to laboriously shovel darkness out; all that is necessary is to turn on the light’, that was my big take away of the week also! so simple!

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  6. Vijialuxmi says:

    I love your post. I’ve learnt so much about self control, and hope to remember it.

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