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Scaling new heights with the unlikely

Angelica shares her commitment and passion for the Adelaide community and her new found lust for life whilst getting amongst it.


I met with Angelica this morning at the Mount Lofty Café, situated at the peek of the Mount Lofty Summit. It is a fitting location for the subject we are lucky enough to get a rare insight to. As I order coffee and prepare for her arrival I noticed a red faced lady in active wear, filling up her water bottle, on the other side of the glass window. She looks over and walks toward me smiling.

Q. Good morning Angelica! Can I asked why you have chosen for us to meet at this location in particular? A. Good morning Anna, Sure. This is one of my favorite locations. I feel the air is cleaner and every time I get the chance to take a moment, relax and enjoy the view of the entire city I always feel invigorated. Also I feel that this café is as good as any other so why not choose a location I can hike to and take advantage of this magnificent morning.

Q. What is it about the Adelaide community that inspires you? A. Adelaide is my home. I know the city well and love to share all the beautiful things Adelaide has to offer with others. People in general inspire me. How lucky am I to hear someone’s experience, see someone learn or share a moment. There’s nothing greater really. I have chosen a career in community service that allows me to collaborate daily with people from all walks of life. We share hobbies, stories and experiences I feel truly blessed.

Q. What lit the flame to this passion? A.I began volunteering about three years ago because I had the desire or longing if you’d like, to fully engage with people in different situations than I am accustomed to. Taking me out of my comfort zone and putting me into unfamiliar territory. I took on every challenge at full strength and fought off every anxious thought with curiosity, kindness and an open heart. There is no subject that I’m biased to. I believe I can learn from all different types of personalities, from all different walks of life and of course with all the different variations of challenges we face daily.

Another successful #Master Key Member

Mount Lofty Summit South Australia